For our weekend in Santa Fe, we crammed in a lot – Currents New Media Festival, Meow Wolf, Interplanetary Festival, That 1 Guy, and Itchy-O!

We planned the trip as soon as we found out Itchy-O would be performing at the Interplanetary Festival. I invited my son to go with us, and we also met a couple of friends from Denver down in Santa Fe.

After work on Friday, we made the 6 hour drive to Santa Fe and then immediately went to the Currents New Media Festival. We enjoyed seeing all of the imaginative and interactive displays.

Saturday morning, we got up early and made our way to Meow Wolf even before they opened. It was a treat to take my son for the first time to experience the House of Eternal Return (aka Meow Wolf Santa Fe).

We stopped by the Interplanetary Festival to check out the vendors, exhibits, and to grab a bite to eat.

After a quick change back at the hotel, we went back to the Interplanetary Festival for one of the panels and shows by That 1 Guy and Itchy-O!