About Us


This Colorado-based startup is more than just a company, it’s a lifestyle.


Created by Olivia and Patrick, it all began in July 2016.


It was a balmy summer night when Patrick and Olivia traipsed up to Red Rocks for a much-anticipated concert, one of their favorite bands, Twenty One Pilots. Little did Olivia know that Patrick was to propose to her that night, with a Ring Pop!

Of course, she said yes, and proceeded to eat the Ring Pop.

Once people asked for evidence of their engagement, they decided this might be the time to go purchase rings, so they picked up a couple black silicone wedding bands, but it wasn’t long before they became annoyed with them.


Olivia found that it was so thick that it didn’t allow her skin to breathe, it would catch on things occasionally and she didn’t love sporting a wide black band on her finger.   Patrick was frustrated that he kept having to switch the ring from his left hand to his right hand to avoid the skin issues Olivia was having, thereby defeating the purpose of having a ring that was supposed to be comfortable, safe, and wearable for all activities.

This annoyance sparked some debate for the two about life, significance, expectations, and the like.  Patrick wanted to do whatever would make Olivia happy, but she decided that, while at some point she might like a fancier ring for special occasions, it just didn’t make sense for her to wear one every day.

Thus the two began to develop the idea behind Zealology and the Zealology Ring.  A ring that combines form and function, that has a slim-fitting comfort with a simple, clean aesthetic, for both women and men.

They believe that the products we own should serve their purpose and conform to our lifestyles at the same time.  We shouldn’t have to keep taking our rings on and off to participate in our usual daily activities, risking losing or damaging them.  They are symbols we wear that should be strong and durable enough to survive the lives we live.

Olivia Leigh

Olivia Leigh

Creative Genius

With skills in Biomedical, Industrial, web, print design, and more, Olivia is our all-round creative force who works to make things both pretty and functional. She loves dogs, art, drum circles, trying new things, travel, adventure, concerts, designing everything that tickles her fancy, and all things quirky.

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Olivia survived a terrorist bombing at her first job, at 16.  She moved to the USA at 18 to gain her degree in Industrial Design and has since spent her time in various design fields including Graphic Arts for Sportswear and Biomedical Engineering for medical 3D printing.

Patrick Anderson

Patrick Anderson

Tech Guru

Patrick works behind the scenes on our technology. He is an avid cyclist, CrossFitter, and loves finding new coffee shops. He also likes to blog about his adventures and anything else on his mind.

Born in the military mecca of Fayetteville, North Carolina, Patrick joined the Air Force at 17. He was shipped off to Ramstein, Germany, after being trained as a Communications and Computer Systems Specialist. While in the Air Force, he also spent 5 years in Space Command where he worked on numerous launches including 33 Space Shuttle missions.

After 10 years in the military, he was Honorable Discharged and began working in Silicon Valley for a large technology focused hedge fund.

In 2003, Patrick returned to government service as a contractor for the Department of Defense. Since that time, he has also worked for the Department of Homeland Security, Department of the Interior, and Department of Transportation.

What’s your ZEAL?

We love adventures, travelling, music, festivals, drumming and a lot more. It’s our ZEAL! What’s yours? (And yes, the first clip is us getting engaged!)