A Casa Bonita inspired art show

On top of an elaborate celebration at Casa Bonita to commemorate his 300th visit, our friend, Andrew Novick, orchestrated an art show at Next Gallery The theme, unsurprisingly, Casa Bonita!

Never having entered an art show before, with 2 weeks to the deadline, I jumped on the band wagon and put together a piece.

Working in medical 3D printing, I’m lucky enough to occasionally have access to using our extremely high-quality resin 3D printers for my own projects. So, taking inspiration from the iconic pink facade and combining it with the rocky diving pool, I drew a design in Adobe Illustrator, imported it into Solidworks, created a model, and printed it. I used cotton balls, mod podge, and gravel to create the rocky surface. Poured resin in 3 layers with shattered glass and glitter in each layer, and picked the perfect pink to match the facade. To finish it off, I used clear acrylic coated with shattered glass, glitter, and opalescent cellophane to create a cascade of water.

4 stages of my Casa Bonita art piece in production

And then I started getting nervous! I had never done anything like this before but, when the gallery opening finally rolled around, we arrived and it was a blast. There were so many creative, talented people who had taken the time to put something together for this show that I was simply thankful to be able to be a part of it.

Check out some of the fantastic creations below! Or go see them in person at Next Gallery through March 10th, 2019!