Liv and I both love to do CrossFit at our local box, Axistence Athletics. Of course, that doesn’t mean that is all that we do, and I’m sure you are the same way. Axistence Athletics believes that you don’t go to the gym just to get better at going to the gym. You go to the gym so you can live a better life outside the gym. We go to the gym so we can live our lives outside the gym with ZEAL!

For me, my outside the box ZEAL includes many things. In the summer, I like to hike, kayak, do obstacle course races (OCRs), etc. My work in the gym makes each of these easier and more fun when I get the time to do them. They all enrich my life and add to my happiness.

Probably my biggest outside the box ZEAL is biking. I first started road biking in May 2011. In fact, I started biking and that led to my discovery of CrossFit. I was becoming so much stronger in the legs by biking, that I needed to find something for my core and upper body. CrossFit was the perfect compliment to my cycling training.

Why biking? There are few things I really like about biking. The first is that I love the idea of being in motion and seeing large chunks of the world. I’ve seen beautiful mountain views, amazing wildlife, and many awesome paths alongside creeks. In addition, the smell of fresh mountain air or a rushing creek are just a bonus.

I also love the atmosphere among cyclist. Go out to your local bike path and watch the cyclist. They are usually smiling and friendly. It’s great being out on a ride and coming across so many people in a relaxed environment. And when the going is tough (like up a mountain), everyone is supportive and encouraging. Cyclist are a great group of people, and there is nothing better than to reach the top of a big climb and share the experience with fellow cyclists.

Of course, with long rides, it can take a lot of time. But that time can be enjoyable if you let it. Sometimes I just get lost in my thoughts about the problems at work or whatever. Other times, I just clear my my mind and take in the birds, crickets, rushing water, or whatever. Biking can be therapeutic for your mind in a number of ways.

So, how do you LIVE OUTSIDE THE BOX? Do you like to swim, bike, run, dance, etc.?


Live Outside the Box shirts!

Want to show your passion for living outside the box? Liv designed some shirts so you can do just that. Click on the shirt to view all of her Live Outside the Box designs for biking, swimming, running, kayaking, hiking, camping, dancing, and more! Which is your favorite? What should we add?