Do you suffer from the winter blahs? I know I do. Especially in late January and early February when it is cold and Spring is still at least a couple months away. Sometimes, I just need something to remind me of the sunnier and warmer days ahead.

Here a few things I do when the winter blahs take hold. They help me get through the grey days and long nights. See if you think any of these can help you with your winter blahs.

Fill your house with summer smells

What are the smells of summer? You know… stuff like mango, suntan oil, saltwater, etc. We like to mimic that by buying candles that are scented like pina colada, cocoa butter, or mango. You would be surprised how much this triggers the mind. You are instantly transported to a warm, sunny beach even if it is snowing outside.

Foods and drinks of summer

Food is another way to trigger those summer feelings. What foods and drinks can bring back that summer feel? For me, it can be something as simple as hot dogs, chips, and a cold soda. But you can also take the extra effort to find some summer fruits like strawberries or mangoes and make a delicious summer dessert.


Every summer, playlists get filled by summer classics from Will Smith, the Beach Boys, Don Henley, and others. I have a playlist that is great for a summer barbecue or the winter doldrums. Build your own and break it out for the chilly days. Just close your eyes and let the music take you to Aruba!

Host summer themed parties

You can combine a lot of the ideas above into a winter time summer themed party. Invite a few friends, and let the good times roll. You can even make it a summer costume party. Once people come in, have them shed their winter gear and celebrate in sandals, boardshorts, or even swimsuits!

Be prepared for good weather days

Luckily, the winter isn’t always months of freezing temps without a break. If you have the winter blues, make sure you are prepared for those sunny, warm days that pop up. Go for a walk, bike ride, or have a picnic – enjoy the sun while you can. But be prepared for those days. Keep a watch on the weather and make sure your bike or picnic basket is ready to go for that January day when it hits 60 degrees!

Weekend getaways

When all else fails, be prepared to get away for a weekend. In some places, you might only need to drive a few hours south to find warm temps. If you have to fly to get to the warmth, you can set up price alerts to watch out for mid-winter travel bargains. And if you know that you get severe cabin fever, make it part of your annual winter plan to book a trip during the coldest days of winter!


Use any or all of these ideas – or your own! Those winter blahs will be a thing of the past. And Spring is just around the corner!