For this new Colorado-based start-up, their company vision is more than just that, it is their whole lifestyle, and it all started July 2016. Today, they are launching Zealology and the Zealology Ring.

It was a balmy summer night when founders, Patrick and Olivia, traipsed up to Red Rocks for a much-anticipated concert, one of their favorite bands, Twenty One Pilots. Little did Olivia know that Patrick was to propose to her that night, with a Ring Pop! Of course, she said yes, and proceeded to eat the Ring Pop.

Once people asked for evidence of their engagement, they decided this might be the time to go purchase rings, so they picked up a couple black silicone wedding bands. It wasn’t long before Olivia became annoyed with her band.

“It was so thick and wide.” she said, “My skin reacted really badly to it because it was so thick that there wasn’t good air circulation and I’d catch it on things, like when I gripped a barbell it would sometimes flip part of the ring inside out. Plus, a thick black band wasn’t particularly pretty to wear.”


This annoyance sparked some debate for the two about life, significance, expectations, and the like. “I did feel some pressure to have a big sparkly ring, or something fancy.” said Olivia, “but I’m always using my hands, always making things or doing crossfit or something…I can’t even keep my nails looking pretty! As much as I hate to say it, part of me felt like a fancy ring shows how much he values me and gives me something to show how proud I am of US, but I know that in reality it is just a symbol of my own making.”

Thus the two began to develop the idea behind Zealology and the Zealology Ring.Zealology Ring standing on its edge
“We want to make products that serve their purpose and conform to our lifestyles at the same time. We wanted to make a slim-fitting, unisex band that can keep up with every aspect of our lifestyles.”, they shared
The Zealology Ring features medical grade silicone in a simple and attractive design. The packaging features a clean, black box, with a black, foam inset to hold the ring inside for perfect gifting as is. The Zealology Ring has a tensile strength or 178N, it is hypoallergenic, non-porous, non-toxic, scratch-proof, and weather-resistant.

“We’re really happy with the new Zealology Ring. It looks great, it’s comfortable, and it doesn’t interfere with our activities,” Olivia said. “It’s really comfortable. I’ve worn it doing pull ups, biking, everything — It doesn’t get in the way or bother you at all,” added Patrick.

More information about Zealology and the Zealology Ring can be found at The rings can be purchased on