In April, we tried doing a quick weekend getaway in St. Louis. We left on Saturday morning from Denver, and flew back Sunday evening. It was a bit of a test to see if we could sneak in more travel without having to take time off from our day jobs.

We picked St. Louis as our test getaway location. The number one reason for St. Louis was the City Museum. After visiting Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, many of our friends recommended we also check out the City Museum. It’s a very interactive place with lots of places to crawl through and slides of all sizes.

Of course, there is more to do in St. Louis. We decided to create an easy agenda for ourselves that would not require driving and focused on downtown. Google and Facebook make it easy to find fun things, good restaurants, and unique experiences.

We started with the City Museum, then went back to our hotel for a drink and to freshen up. On Saturday night, we went to a local bar that was having a UV light/glow party.

Sunday morning, we walked around the Gateway Arch. We decided not to go up because of the time requirements. After that, we had brunch at Hamburger Mary’s. In the afternoon, we explored the National Blues Museum and listened to a blues concert until it was time to head back to the airport.

It ended up being a fantastic weekend. Our timing was great — mostly due to doing research before we got there. It felt like a great mix of activities. Keeping things simple made it easy for us to handle the rigors of a quick trip.

Now we are excited to plan some more weekend getaways. Where should we go next?!

Our videos from our trip:

A sample of photos from our weekend getaway: